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Children’s activities

  • Bob, sledge and snowtubbing

    39460 Foncine-le-Haut

    “Chez Valentin” and “Chez Petit Pierre” toboggan runs
    Snowtub rental “Chez Valentin”

  • Luge des Cimes

    39460 Métabief

    710 m long, 103 m drop, 40 km/hour at top speed: thrills guaranteed!

  • Maison de la Réserve

    28 rue de Mouthe
    25160 Labergement Sainte Marie

    Discovery of the fauna and flora of the Haut Jura in Labergement-Sainte-Marie (20 km)

  • Media library

    73 Grande rue
    39460 Foncine-le-Haut

    Access to the library and consultation of documents on site are free and open to all.
    Home loan requires registration
    All documents can be borrowed except: dictionaries, reference works (a red dot identifies them) and the latest issue of each periodical.

    Email :

  • Polar Park

    Le Cernois Veuillet
    25240 Chaux-Neuve

    This unique and captivating animal park is not limited to a zoo or a reserve. In a Jura landscape reminiscent of the Far North, it is not enough to observe red deer, reindeer, yaks, mouflons, chamois, fallow deer, European bison and tarpan horses from afar behind a fence . We go to meet them during a guided tour which, in certain parts of the estate, is reminiscent of a real walk in the heart of nature.

    Téléphone : +33 3 81 69 20 20

  • Ski Jump Animation

    25240 Chaux Neuve

    The Chaux Neuve ski jump site (6 km) offers for children but also for adults, initiation sessions to the practice of ski jumping on 5 ski jumps of different heights: 118, 60, 30, 10 and 8 meters.


    Téléphone : +33 3 81 49 20 00

  • The woodworking museum

    12, rue du petit pont
    39220 Bois d’amont

    The Musée de la Boissellerie is located at an altitude of 1050 meters in a restored old sawmill.

    Téléphone : +33 3 84 60 98 79

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